Test the COVID-19 at the airport
Take the test at the airport for 2 750 RUB
The result will come to the email during the day
The analysis  is done by a robot
Result document
There's always a result certificate in your email
How It Works?
Fill in patient data and select test point
Receive confirmation
You can sign an agreement at the reception
Pass the test
Go to the laboratory, the lab assistant will take a sample from you
Get the result
You'll get the result on email in an hour
Do I need to prepare for testing?
Yes, to get the correct test result, you need not drink, eat, smoke, or take medications 1 hour before the test.
Who shouldn't be tested?
If you have a temperature (above 37.1 C) or signs of SARS, then you will be refused testing. In this case, you should immediately contact the Unified Consulting Center of Rospotrebnadzor, tel. 8 800 555 49 43.
How can I get a form with the result?
When the result is known, you will receive an e-mail with help or you can go to the reception for a printed version.
What language is the certificate issued in?
Both russian and english.
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